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Cycling wind tunnel testing

The wind tunnel is a complement to our indoor and outdoor track sessions, allowing us to make small mechanical changes with or without the rider, as well as higher …

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Boardman Bikes gain planning permission to build a 'revolutionary' new cycling centre, equipped with both wind tunnel and physiology testing site.

Chris Boardman gets planning permission for 'revolutionary ...

The wind tunnel measurements for the Peloton A configuration were performed in the Wind Tunnel Laboratory at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. The cross-section of the test section is W x H = 3 × 2 m 2.

Aerodynamic drag in cycling pelotons: New insights by CFD ...

The wind tunnel’s maximum wind velocity is 108kph, a bit high for most bike testing. But the facility has also been used to test equipment in other sports such as skiing, bobsleigh and speed ...

What's it really like inside a state-of-the-art cycling ...

The ARC Aerodynamic Bike Test Facility Wind Tunnel is not the only way to gain a better understanding of cycling aerodynamics. CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) is a digital form of aerodynamic analysis and is an excellent tool to help visualize the flow field around the bike and rider.

ARC - Aerodynamic Bicycle Testing Facility

Cyclist Aerodynamics Testing A specialised rig has been developed which enables cyclists to quickly and simply mount their own bikes in the tunnel and optimise their performance. The cyclist rig is located at the start of the BLWT this is where the turbulence and boundary layer effects are smallest.

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Cycling Aerodynamics & CdA - A Primer. A riders aerodynamic drag is a critical factor in the speed he can achieve at a given level of power output and therefore a given level of fitness.

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Cyclists travelling in groups experience a significant reduction in the wind resistance and those behind consume less energy due to the shielding effect of the front cyclist. We investigated drafting effects by wind tunnel tests realizing a test set-up with two cyclists pedalling at different longitudinal distance.

Drafting Effect in Cycling: Investigation by Wind Tunnel ...

Cheating the wind, by reducing aerodynamic drag Rider versus bicycle drag—which is more important? how Aerodynamic Drag is Measured What, exactly, is a wind tunnel? Wind tunnels in the bicycle industry. Limitations of wind tunnel testing and data Computational Fluid Dynamics Yaw—The challenge of accounting for cross winds Wind Averaged Drag


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