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The tunnel gate (submarine gate) is used very frequently as a type of gate having a structure that automatically cuts the molded item and gate at the time of opening and closing the parting surface.

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The reason I say tunnel-gate jetting is usually nonsense is because it depends on the angle of the tunnel gate. The angle of a tunnel gate’s center line usually ranges from 30° to 50° from the parting line, but I’ve seen that angle as low as 20° and as high as 60°. The higher the angle, the greater the chance of …

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The Maxiflow insert is offered with three tunnel configuration options—allowing for the gate points up to 10mm above or below the parting line, gate diameters up to 3.5mm and shot weights up to 1, 200 grams per insert, making it feasible to tunnel gate plastic parts with greater depth and size than previously possible.

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i-mold tunnel gate inserts are recognized worldwide as innovative products with high cost-reducing potential for moldmakers and molders. Time and cost reduction thanks to fast and easy application, Made of highly wear-resistant hot work tool steel M2 (1.3343), High degree of reliability in production process, Suitable for all plastics thanks to optimized feed channel geometry - up to 60 % ...

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Tunnel Gate Inserts provide a feed channel for both vertical and side gating. The feed channel comes completely finished inside the Tunnel-Gate Insert. Tunnel Gate Inserts reduce machine time and the cost associated with mold building.

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