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Custom manufacturer of quick freezing freezers. Quick freezing low temperature freezers are available in top & front loading types. Specifications include sizes ranging from 23 cu. ft. to 96 cu. ft., minus 85 degrees C to minus 40 degrees C temperature range & up to minus 184 degrees C liquid cooling.

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Individual Quick Freezing usually abbreviated IQF is a freezing method used in food processing industry. ... Cryogenic IQF freezers immerse the product in liquid nitrogen at very low temperatures, freezing it very rapidly while continuously moving the product to avoid block or lump formation.

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Individual quick freezing (IQF) tunnel freezers are designed for freezing small-sized products like fruits, vegetables, and small meat products. High efficiency, easy maintenance, and cleaning make our IQF Tunnel Freezers the ideal choice.

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A wide variety of quick freezing freezers options are available to you, such as tunnel freezer, plate freezer, and spiral freezer. You can also choose from paid samples, free samples. There are 5,315 quick freezing freezers suppliers, mainly located in Asia.

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The products that go through the individual quick freezing process must be small enough for the iqf freezer to completely freeze the entire contents in a short period of time. Most iqf freezers do have different types of models available, but the most popular iqf freezer model in the market today are the tunnel freezer type iqf freezer.

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Freezing Solution For Prepared Food Industry. JET uses advanced technology to custom design and build freezing machines that fit the specific needs of any prepared food. Our IQF freezers work particularly well for small piece products like dumplings or spring rolls.

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For people new to tunnel freezers and spiral freezers: Advanced Equipment designs and manufactures Low-Temperature Mechanical Refrigeration IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) freezing systems for fast freezing various food products such as vegetables, fruits, poultry, red meat, bakery, and specially prepared foods in food processing plants.

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Individual quick freeze (frozen), or IQF is a freezing process performed by blast freezers. As the name suggests, IQF is a form of freezing in which multiple products are frozen in the same area, but each and every product individually freezes within the same space of other products.

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Chilling is done to quickly stop the cooking or blanching process, to prevent excessive moisture loss (yield loss), to chill the product to the lowest possible temperature before IQF freezing, and to get quick crust freezing in order to limit dehydration for a product of premium quality.

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Blast is the past. One look at the new QuickFreeze™ In-Rack Freezing System and suddenly the blast freezers that once seemed so innovative are immediately outdated.

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Jul 28, 2015 · Spiral freezers freezing capacity range is 200 ~ 10000 kg/hour. Spiral quick-freezing equipment are widely used in various food iqf, granular or small block of quick frozen food.

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Blast freezing for ice cream quick freezing, frozen storage. Ice cream blast freezing room is for ice cream quick freezing. It's equipped with PU panel and use big machine to make ice cream reach …

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Individually quick freezing with cryogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) gas or liquid nitrogen locks in the moisture, shape and freshness of small food items. While flighted freezers have been the primary method for individually quick freezing foods for more than two decades, they are now being replaced with newer, more efficient freezing methods.

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Pipe Freezing Equipment. Pipe Freezing is an effective and efficient method of isolating sections of pipe for repair. This is done by freezing the contents of the pipe to create an ice plug. This eliminates the need to drain long sections of pipe and reduces shut-down time.


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