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The need for tunnel ventilation is critical for the life and safety of any person utilizing the metro, rail or road tunnels throughout the world. Typically the equipment is used for smoke extraction or control for the time it takes people to evacuate the tunnel under emergency conditions.


tunel jet fan Jet fans specially designed for tunnel ventilation. 400ºC/2h and 300ºC/2h certificates. depending on model Long-range impulsion jet fans. specially designed for tunnel ventilation and for smoke evacuations in the event of fire 400ºC/2h and 300ºC/2h. based on model.


JET FANS Among all different tunnel ventilation systems, the longitudinal ventilation with jet fans is the most extended one, due to its flexibility and lower cost compared with transverse and semi-transverse ventilation systems using axial fans. Jet fans can be uni-directional type (our “JZ”series) or fully reversible type (our “JZR ...

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We have supplied the ventilation systems and fans for many tunnels in Europe, and North America, including those for the re-equipping of the Mont Blanc tunnel and the Gotthard tunnel, as well as providing fans for tunnels in other parts of the world.

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2 | Tunnel Fans, Jet Fans CFD Simulation Systemair Tunnel Fans are developed in Germany for a good reason: With the incorporation of Matthews & Yates in 2007, Systemair Germany began concentrating on ventilation systems for metro, road and train tunnels. Since then, our …

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the tunnel characteristics the Banana Jet ® generates 20-50% more effective thrust than a traditional jet fan of the same size. The Banana Jet® fan reduces the costs for new tunnel ventilation systems and enables tunnel system upgrades (due to increased traffic load or new fire rules) with lower costs. Banana Jet ® Traditional Jet

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Standard Jet fans for tunnel ventilation: Jet fans are technology intensive products with base design of casing that holds a silencer, a rotor, a motor as power source and a …

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WITT&SOHN, known as one of the leading fan manufacturers, has become one of the leading brand names for tunnel- and metro-ventilation systems during the last 20 years. This was achieved by continuous development of: jet fans; large axial flow fans for fresh air supply and exhaust mode. The jet fans are available as an

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Jet Vent Fan or Jet Fans or tunnel exhaust fans available in different dimeters like 315mm, 355mm 400mm. High torque fan, ductless system with CO sensors, silent in operation, less power consumption

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Reliable, effective ventilation and energy-saving are no longer a contradiction in terms, thanks to Green Venti-lation jet fan systems from Systemair. Compared with conventional ventilation systems, energy savings of up to 80% are possible*. To achieve this, we have applied all our expertise and years of experience in the ventilation


traditional and Banana jet fans installed in the tunnel centre or in the corner of the tunnel. A 630mm jet fan with 21 m s -1 outlet velocity was used as the reference fan in …

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Tunnel Jet Fans 1 TUNNEL JET FANS 1.0 GENERAL 1.1 SCOPE This work shall consist of furnishing, installing and testing the tunnel jet fans including the motor units, sound attenuators, hangers, supports, fan starters, controls, conduit boxes, accessories, and associated work in conformance with to the requirements specified in these Special

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In tunnel ventilation throughout the world, Howden is the partner of choice. There are two fundamental systems of tunnel ventilation, longitudinal and transverse. In longitudinal ventilation, all of the air enters and leaves through the ends of the tunnel, and it is moved along the space by jet fans.

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Tunnel fans are designed for ventilation and smoke control in road- and train tunnels. The jet fans use the impulse principle to move air through the tunnels in longitudinal direction. Some system designs include axial flow fans for supply and/or exhaust.


EMAK Jet Fan Performance tests are appropriate to ANSI / AMCA DCS 250 Norm. EFF E-JET models are certified for high temperatures by well-known international accreditation bodies as a result all materials and accessories are manufactured or selected …


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