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Test Port - A test port/test header is the most common method for testing fire system performance. A connection on the discharge side of the fire pump routes water out of the system through a test header which carries an array of hose-valves.

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Description. Cast iron hose manifolds are used for fire pump testing and provide hose outlets for flow testing of the fire pump. Hose manifolds are availabe in either 150# or 250# ratings for low and high pressure systems

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Pump Test Outlet Return to Product Listing. Previous Next. Model 5862 Two-Way Flush Fire Pump Test Connections. ... Model 5869 Six-Way Free-Standing Fire Pump Test Connections. Connect with us. Follow us on Facebook. Checkout our YouTube channel. We tweet on Twitter. Connect with us on LinkedIn. Telephone (800) 366-3473.

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E = Test Header Connection ΠThe connection for the test header should be between the discharge check valve and the discharge control valve. This allows the fire pump to be tested with the discharge control valve closed, isolating the pump from the rest of the system.

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Flush test header connections are designed for flush installation on the exterior wall of a building. The test header body is concealed behind the wall, leaving only the wall plate and gate valves visible. They provide a means to flow test a fire pump or backflow preventer.

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Manufacturer and supplier of fire equipment; including fire cabinets, fire dept valves, fire extinguishers, storz connections, Siamese fire dept connections,fire monitors, monitor nozzles, ... Free-Standing Fire Pump Test Connections. Two-Way Models 6824 & 6826. Three-Way Model 6836.

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Fire PumpTest Header. Flexible magnetic sheeting performs well in adverse weather (such as rain, sleet and snow) and in temperatures from -15° F to 160° F (-26° C to 71° C). >

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the suction side of the pump exceeds 125 psi. H. Fire Pump Test Header: 1. Fire Pump Test Header: a. Provide a fire pump test header with a 2-1/2” hose valve for every 250 gpm of the rated flow of the fire pump per NFPA 20. b. Size the fire pump test header based on the fire pump rating per NFPA 20.

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In situations where damage from theft or vandalism is of concern, the test header hose valves may be located within the building but outside of the fire pump room, if in the judgment of the AHJ, the test flows can be safely directed outside the building without undue risk …

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This week we embark on a two-part segment where we’ll cover fire pump testing, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of two different methods of testing water flow during a fire pump test: external water flow through a hose valve manifold on the exterior of a building, versus a flow meter recirculating loop within the mechanical room.

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The pump specialist and the helper transport the appropriate amount of hoses (each hose only allow for a testing of 250 gpm) to the test header (commonly found on the roof, sidewalk or pump room) and connect same to special nozzles.

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The test should be performed by attaching hoses to the discharge test header. The hoses are run to a safe location where the flow of water will cause no damage. Pressure readings are taken as the pump is run through its various stages. At Capitol Fire Sprinkler, the results are recorded and plotted on a graph by our engineering department.

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Exposed test header connections provide a way to flow test a fire pump or backflow preventer. These units are designed to be wall mounted.


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