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Dyeing in textiles is a process in which color is transferred to a finished textile or textile material (like fibers and yarns) to add permanent and long-lasting color. It can be done by hand or ...

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Textile - Dyeing and printing: Dyeing and printing are processes employed in the conversion of raw textile fibres into finished goods that add much to the appearance of textile fabrics. Most forms of textile materials can be dyed at almost any stage.

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Textile Dyeing Machine We are consists of higher operative Textile Dyeing Machine of actual brand. These dyeing machines are broadly used for dyeing knits and woven fabric of wool, silk, low weight cotton, viscose etc. Available at industrial reasonable charges, the range is offered in tamper proof packaging that ensure full-safety against damage.

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Methods of Dyeing. Dyeing can be performed using continuous or batch processes. In batch dyeing, a certain amount of textile substrate, usually 100 to 1,000 kilograms, is loaded into a dyeing machine and brought to equilibrium, or near equilibrium, with a solution containing the dye.

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noun. a coloring material or matter. a liquid containing coloring matter, for imparting a particular hue to cloth, paper, etc. color or hue, especially as produced by dyeing.


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