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A major strength of Sandvik roadheaders for mining is the fact that Sandvik also develops and manufactures productive and durable cutting tools for the machines. Better tools and less frequent tool changes translates to direct improvements in productivity, cost-per-tonne efficiency, maintenance costs and energy efficiency.

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Comparing production rates between roadheader performance and roadheading attachments is extremely difficult, because not only is the cutting performance in cubic yards per hour of net cutting a factor but also the removal of muck, any necessary tunnel support work and the size of the tunnel, etc.


Roadheader performance and related parameters are reviewed and their effects on the production and advance rate are discussed. Among the parameters influencing the machine performance, the most important one is the cutterhead design which could be optimized for a specific application. The

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tbm roadheader penetration rate - Roadheader Cutting Machine. A Tunnel Boring Machine Makes Mining History in ... (50 m per week for a TBM vs. 5 m per week for a roadheader). ... after achieving advance rates of up to 90 m per ...

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9th ISRM Congress Paris, August, 25th - 28th, 1999 - Theme 3: Rock dynamics and tectonophysics / Rock cutting and drilling 1241 1 INTRODUCTION Excavation performance is a term used in underground construction to describe the influence of a number of parameters on the cutting rate and the tool wear of a roadheader. The

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Performance prediction is an important issue for successful roadheader application and generally deals with machine selection, production rate and bit consumption. The main aim of this research is to investigate the cutting performance (instantaneous cutting rates (ICRs)) of medium-duty roadheaders by using artificial neural network (ANN) approach.

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covered. It is the Instantaneous Cutting Rate (ICR), which is the production rate during the period of cutting. The roadheader production rate is controlled by several parameters including (Copur et al., 1998): (a) rock parameters, such as rock compressive and tensile strength. (b) Ground conditions, such as jointing, stratification, ground water.

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scale rock cutting tests in the laboratory using a linear cutting machine. Cutter force and specific energy values were recorded for different depths of cut and cutter spacings and likely net cutting rate of the roadheader exca-vating rock formation was predicted using specific energy and cutter head power.

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on the cutting rate and the tool wear of a roadheader. The ... Secondly, a high penetration Roadheader excavation performance - geological and geotechnical influences. ... Rate (BCR). Roadheader and cutterhead type, rock mass origin and the rock type are used as principal classification.

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In this study, a new model for predicting the Instantaneous Cutting Rate (ICR) has been developed. The performance of EBZ260W axialtype roadheader has been evaluated in the laboratory artificial rock cutting tests and in the tunneling field tests.


influence of a number of parameters on the cutting rate and the tool wear of a roadheader. The interaction of the main factors is illustrated in Figure 1. Working process Excavation system & logistics, Operation & maintenance of the tunnelling rig Geological parameters Rock & rock mass Mechanical properties & Rock mass conditions Machine parameters

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KAMY Roadheaders KM's BETEK chinese regional agent, and our products are exported all over the world. ... cutting rate of roadheader joy ebz100e; cutting rate of roadheader joy ebz100e. Trona Roadheader - Roadheader Tunneling Machine. Radial Roadheader & Miner Cutting Tools ... Joy | Komatsu Mining ... mining or construction machine to achieve ...

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Sandvik's MT series of roadheaders offers the best cutting performance in a wide range of rock formations. Equipped with geometrically optimized transverse or longitudinal cutter heads, these flexible machines can be used for a wide range of applications. They can also be used for rehabilitation of existing tunnels, and excavation of underground caverns.

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cutting rate of roadheader - Geotechnical Risk Assessment and Selection of … roadheader cutter head. Optimum selection of roadheader should be based on a practical model to predict the Instantaneous Cutting Rate (ICR) of the roadheader (Bilgin model) and comparing the parameters of selected roadheader with …

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