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One of the goals of boring and honing cylinders is to size the bores to a specific dimension. If an engine is being remanufactured to meet specific criteria, that usually means boring and honing to achieve a standard oversize (.010?, .020? or .030?).

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Mar 05, 2008 · If boring a new hole then the honing process is to remove tool marks and to correct and bore dimentions. That is, if the bore is true it will still have tool marks and diameter variations that need to be removed. Hense the reason for leaving a bore undersize and then honing to size.

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Honing. The biggest key to profitable and successful engine rebuilding is not so much the boring but controlling the the honing process, according to experts. Honing is a metal removal process that engine builders use after the boring process to obtain precise bore geometry.

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Block Boring and Honing Machines ... Nice working clean boring bar Lots of tooling 220 volt 3 phase. Sunnen CV-616 Power stroke hone. $6,995.00. This hone comes with the AN style hone head shown 220 volt 3 phase We bought this machine from Keith Black Racing Engines!

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Common Practices in Cylinder Boring, Honing and Wall Finishing,” a piece of literature that essentially became required reading in the industry. The book was translated into fifteen languages. It became a reference book at automotive technical schools. The Gold Book was written in simple and easy to understand language,


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